Wringing Our Claws

Here’s an update from the Chronicle’s resident outdoorsman Tom Stienstra. Looks like they’re pulling in good numbers of crabs in the first week of the sport season. One week from today, the commercial season opens, to the delight of crustacean connoisseurs region-wide.

Disturbingly, the optimistic crabbing article shared space today with a big story about all the oil dumped into the bay after a cargo ship hit the Bay Bridge. Following on the heels of a study that found already high levels of mercury in local waters, what will the spill mean for crab season? Should we be nervous?

Well, since much of the local crab catch actually comes from outside the Gate, we’re going to go ahead and dust off the big, steel pot and lay in a hopeful supply of butter. Cross your fingers everyone.

Bonanza off Pillar Point [San Francisco Chronicle]


Wringing Our Claws