Williamsburg’s My Moon Opens Little Sibling, Lokal

Williamsburg's latest Mediterranean joint, Lokal.
Williamsburg’s latest Mediterranean joint, Lokal.haha

The official opening is not until Friday, but Lokal, the sophomore eatery from the owner of Williamsburg’s factory-turned-restaurant My Moon, has quietly opened to the public. For now, the limited menu (in testing mode) skews to the north Mediterranean: Greek, Italian, Spanish, but like My Moon, mostly Turkish — grilled pizzas, meatball casserole, cheese plates, and several meze. Owner Bener Bilgin has joined with his front-of-the-house manager and another Turkish restaurant friend to open the 70-seat spot across the street from McCarran Park.

The space is designed by the same artist who gave My Moon it’s airy, performance-space feel, but this much smaller location has a more intimate look. Several tall glass-top bar tables are inlaid with stones and sea shells, and there’s a glassed-in kitchen. Plus, Bilgin claims to own the only restaurant in the city that serves Turkey’s Efes Pilsner on tap. —Pervaiz Shallwani

Lokal, 905 Lorimer St., nr. Nassau Ave., Brooklyn; (718) 384-6777

Williamsburg’s My Moon Opens Little Sibling, Lokal