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Where to Get Your Real-Deal Chicken and Waffles On

The holy grail.
The holy grail.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last week not-exactly-starving comedian Aziz Ansari waxed poetic about chicken and waffles, to the delight of a commenter who wrote:

Sweet. A famous person who actually eats! Also, we ARE talking waffles and dinges right? How long do you have to hunt for this thing? I mean I know they put the vicinity it is in on their website, but somehow I imagine hunting for it to be on part with a stoner-type cross between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the hunt for Excalibur.
That’s what we’re talking about.haha

Actually, Aziz was talking about chicken and waffles as served at Roscoe’s in L.A., not the Wafels and Dinges truck, but since we’ve found the soul-food dish just as hard to get hold of (Aziz, after all, was appalled about having to settle for the luxe version of chicken and waffles served at Park Avenue Autumn), we thought we’d tell you where to find the real deal— the tiny Little House on Clinton, where fluffy mini-waffles are prepared in skillets behind the front counter and can be topped with nuts or fruits and paired with wings, breasts, or thighs that can in turn be topped with BBQ, jerk, teriyaki, or buffalo sauce. (Shown here: the $5 “snack” size— topped with plain ol’ syrup.) Our favorite part about the experience: not being treated like raving madmen as we are when we ask the waiter at Odessa to combine an order of chicken with an order of waffles. Then again, this always happens around 5 a.m., so we suppose we’d treat us like madmen too.

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Where to Get Your Real-Deal Chicken and Waffles On