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The Salty Wit and Wisdom of Padma Lakshmi

The lady's like a sailor!
The lady’s like a sailor!haha Photo: Getty Images

The latest issue of Vanity Fair features a profile of none other than Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who’s promoting her new cookbook, Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet. Amid all the foodie talk, Padma actually reveals quite a lot about herself. A sampling:

On the Top Chef Emmy nomination: “[It] was a big fucking deal.”

On life without her ex-husband, Salman Rushdie: “I’m really fucking sad.”

On her new cookbook: “Finishing the fucking book was like being in labor for two years!”

On hosting dinner party: “I pulled this out of my ass.”

On an AIDS charity she supports: “…we’re doing a campaign and an event and you should buy a fucking table.”

On telling the press if she had a boyfriend: “My husband would call fucking Reuters.”

On a tabloid’s coverage of her bra size: “…they said it was 36C. I said, 34C, motherfucker!”

On her current living situation: “Now I’m staying in a fucking hotel with all my shit in storage.”

Damn, Padma.

A Taste of Fame [VF]

The Salty Wit and Wisdom of Padma Lakshmi