What To Do When You’re With A Bad Tipper?

We admit it, we have relatives who regularly tip 15% and 10% (shudder) whenever we go out to eat. It stinks. It’s disturbing. It’s depressing. It’s something we’ve always wondered about… you know, how to work around it without embarassing your relative.

But, thankfully, Chow has some ideas:

So what do you do if your dinner companion leaves what you consider to be a tightwad tip? You could preempt him by offering to leave the tip yourself. But then you have to know how much the dinner was—and if he paid for your dinner, that’s like asking to look at the price tag of a gift.

You could also confront your companion directly. But I don’t advise that. For one thing, he just bought dinner (or at least left the tip), so it’s not the best moment to criticize. If you must bring the matter up, do so at another time. But if you don’t have a good relationship with the person, you may prefer to pick your battles.

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What To Do When You’re With A Bad Tipper?