Viewing Pleasure: Biscotti & Coffee @ Southport Grocery

Originally posted 5/3/07. One of the best Viewing Pleasure photos of all time.

It’s the afternoon, so we’re a bit sleepy and in need of a pick-us-up. How do we accomplish that? By imagining eating this biscotti and drinking its attendant coffee, that’s how. Would you look at how that chocolate dripped and hardened over the biscotti’s left flank? It is clear that this is very high cacao content stuff, free of impurities; it isn’t even cracking! The cookie itself looks almost savory in its coloration, with just the right amount of moisture (not easy to achieve in the twice-baked confection). With respect to the photograph itself, the vivid richness of the chocolate and biscotti contrasts very effectively with the soft porcelain and out-of-focus expanse of black coffee. Yes, we’re feeling much better now. Check it out for yourself at Southport, where the combo is available for $4.75 (and the coffee is unlimited!)

Southport Grocery & Cafe [MenuPages]
Southport Grocery & Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Elizabeth L./flickr]

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Viewing Pleasure: Biscotti & Coffee @ Southport Grocery