Vacation! Woo!!!

Dear readers, we are taking a break. If all goes well, we’ll be in Lima, Peru in around 12 hours. And then Thanksgiving out west with the family. So what this means is, reruns until 11/26! It’s sort of like the writers strike, but not really.

Last time we took a few days off, we put up best-of posts from April. This time, we’re mining May and June. Some of them are worth rereading! There will be four a day, so you’ll have your pick.

Meanwhile, we have five restaurants listed in our Peruvian category: Ay Ay Picante, El Arpa, Rio’s D’Sudamerica, SushiSamba Rio (doesn’t really count), and Taste of Peru (certainly counts). Ceviche is definitely a good counterpoint to turkey and stuffing and the lot. As for us, there’s a three week old, soon-to-be-barbecued piglet with our name on it!

Anyway, have a good week and a half, and don’t eat anything we wouldn’t eat.

[Photo: um, yes please (Don’t Wake Me Up, I Plan On Sleeping In/flickr)]

Vacation! Woo!!!