Bubby’s DOH Report: Closed Thanks to Biblical Swarm of Roaches

What is it with cockroaches that DOH inspectors always seem to spot them in multiples of 100? First Serendipity is shuttered partially for hosting over 100 live cockroaches, and now we get the official word about Bubby’s: Inspectors spotted no less than 200 live cockroaches in four areas, fly infestations in four areas, bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food (does the place serve Corona?), and a multitude of infestation-causing conditions like standing water. Well! We’re not even going to get into how inspectors can accurately count “over 200 live cockroaches,” but if your restaurant is going to go out infested, you might as well go hard.

The DOH’s official statement follows:

Bubby’s restaurant failed four inspections since June 2007. Inspectors observed evidence of vermin activity at each inspection, including rat activity during two of the inspections. The restaurant was closed following an inspection on 11/14/07. Violations at that time included food contaminated with over 200 live cockroaches in four areas, evidence of rat activity in two areas, fly infestation in four areas, food kept at unsafe temperatures, bare hand contact with ready to eat food and multiple conditions contributing to vermin infestation.

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Bubby’s DOH Report: Closed Thanks to Biblical Swarm of Roaches