Two Girls for Every Guy

Okay, Gridskipper, we like you a lot, and this haiku roundup thing is pretty funny, but there are two problems here:

First–and we acknowledge that maybe the folks over at GS don’t have time to incessantly peruse Menupages, but still: Our very own Leila C, maven of the MP Boston site, has been doing her review digests in haiku for some time now.

And Second: This list is just not very good. The bro-hemian sentiment (“open season, dudes”) lurking behind the ostensibly sarcastic verses makes us cringe a bit, while much of the information is not helpful, nor entirely accurate. “Jager bombs for all?” WTF? Who does that? Put some thought into it, Gridskipper. Dang.

Hey, at least it gave us an excuse to link this classic Jan and Dean hit!

A Haiku Homage to San Francisco’s Best Guy-Girl Ratios [Gridskipper]


Two Girls for Every Guy