Tweezing The TOC: Ai & Honky Tonk

Over TOC-side, we love the Heather/David/Martha triple-team on fall-themed cocktails. Drinks, so tasty-sounding! Photos, so evocative! Timing, so relevant! Basically, we want to bathe in a pool of Baconcello (vodka, green apples, lime, maple syrup, pancetta and bacon), even if it killed us. Our epitaph could be…pork-fried Adam! You know, fried like really drunk.

Moving right along, Mr. Tamarkin heads to Ai Sushi Lounge, where he finds the fancy sushi most, but not all, that it’s cracked up to be. Maybe superchef Toyoji Hemmi (Tsuki, Ringo) is spreading himself thin? But it’s still pretty damn good fish.

Somehow, Ms. Shouse managed to lock herself into the bathroom at Honky Tonk Barbeque in Pilsen. That was the highlight of the meal. No, just kidding - she enjoyed the neighborhoody atmosphere, the live music, the chicken and the pork. But…with respect to the ribs, “the dry rub is too thick, the edges don’t have a trace of the telltale pink smoke ring preferred by ’cueheads, and the meat is flavorless and definitely chewy.” And also, “the brisket is fatty and the corn bread is ice-cold.” Hmm. Shrug. Hell, at least it’s BYO, right?

Furthermore, nut bags. Nut bags nut bags nut bags. Um, we mean the Green City Market is moving indoors and you can get chestnuts there. Hey, it’s not our fault that TOC has funny article subtitles that we chant in our head!

Ai Sushi Lounge [MenuPages]
Ai Sushi Lounge [Official Site]

Honky Tonk Barbeque [MenuPages]
Honky Tonk Barbeque [Official Site]

[Photo: Wow. Chestnuts are scary. Beto Frota/flickr]


Tweezing The TOC: Ai & Honky Tonk