Tut-Tutting TOC: La Madia & Thalia Spice

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Alrighty then! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us focus on the reviews in this week’s TOC food section. David Tamarkin checks out La Madia, the new River North pizzeria. He gives it three of six stars, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in particular he likes about the place - the pizza is basic and inconsistent and the pastas’ textures are flavors are off, for example. Based on the tone of the review, it does not sound like the tasty salads and mini panini made up for the restaurant’s failings. We’ve seen Mr. Tamarkin three-star places he actually likes, so who knows what to think.

Meanwhile, Heather Shouse is totally down with the small plates at Thalia Spice, the new Sura-esque Thai place near Chicago and Halsted - the tom kha mussels especially float her boat. Heather gave this one three stars as well, further confusing us.

A trio of other things: Spertus Cafe the Wolfgang Puck-run kosher dining room at the Institute of Jewish Studies is opening tomorrow; digital jukeboxes and their drunken operators are the scourge of the salooniverse; you should know your basic cocktail history.

La Madia [MenuPages]
La Madia [Official Site]

Thalia Spice [MenuPages]
Thalia Spice [Official Site]

[Photo: of Thalia and her little puppy Spice. No, we couldn’t help ourselves. (PittieLover/flickr)]


Tut-Tutting TOC: La Madia & Thalia Spice