Transcending The Tribune: TABLE fifty-two

Kevin Pang watch, week 3 or whatever. Still At Play, still loving fish tacos and drinking chain store pumpkin beverages. Actually, the fish taco article is something of a denouement, as it lovingly describes the fallout from Fish Taco Mania: 2500 people requesting fish taco bracelets, tens of restaurants adding fish tacos to their menus, potentially thousands of people popping their fish taco cherries. KPang closes the article by officially closing the campaign, but you’d better believe it will be alive in spirit.

Predictably, Phil Vettel can’t get enough of TABLE fifty-two. Like everyone else, he would take a bullet for the biscuits that are sent to the table exactly 8 minutes after the guests’ arrival. Also, everything else is delicious, assuming you like haute Southern home cooking. (p.s. we did a feature on TABLE fifty-two gift certificates where we really zinged some sweet old lady named Terri).

Finally, everything on TABLE HOPPING was already in the Stew this past week. We figure if you read us, you also read the Stew, so we’re going to skip it. Is that lazy?

TABLE fifty-two (52) [MenuPages]
TABLE fifty-two (52) [Official Site]

[Photo: birthday cake at TABLE. Looks tasty! JordanaZ/flickr]


Transcending The Tribune: TABLE fifty-two