‘Top Chef’ Bitch Opens Restaurant; Gordo Looking for Victims

Former Top Chef contestant Dave “don’t call me a bitch, bitch” Martin (Season One) has opened his own restaurant on West 42nd Street called Crave, and he’s serving comfort food. [Zagat]

Hakata Tonton is bringing its love of pig’s feet to the West Village — even dessert has the collagen-packed delicacy. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Alain Ducasse’s wine bar Adour at the St. Regis Hotel is set to open in January. [Decanter]
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Grape Nuts [NYM]

Fox is still looking for restaurants in the New York area that Gordon Ramsay can attack on Kitchen Nightmares. [Fox NY]

For Japanese home cooking, servers at BarFry eat at Tsukushi, the same place Asiate chef Nori Sugi loves to go, on 41st Street. [Mouthing Off/Food&Wine;]

A 65-year-old fugitive said to be connected to a 1987 narcotics ring called the Pizza Connection, “because pizza parlors across the country were used as fronts to move nearly $1.6 billion worth of narcotics,” has been apprehended, and released since the evidence was destroyed. [NYP]

‘Top Chef’ Bitch Opens Restaurant; Gordo Looking for Victims