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Tom Colicchio Named One of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ and Sandwich Ambassador

Tom Colicchio, conquistador (note Gail Simmons's look of horror).
Tom Colicchio, conquistador (note Gail Simmons’s look of horror).haha Photo: Patrick McMullan

In the wake of his bigger, bearier, and balder Top Chef season, Craft chieftain Tom Colicchio seems to be finding ways to keep himself busy. Craft L.A., though receiving mixed reviews, is doing boffo business, and two more Craft restaurants are on the way in Atlanta and Connecticut. And, having been appointed the new Earl of Sandwich by Sara Lee, Colicchio is now, just in time for National Sandwich Day, giving confused Americans helpful tips like “think BIG flavor.”

But surely the crowning achievement of the Top Chef is being named one of People’s “Sexiest Men Alive.” Yes, you heard it here first: Colicchio has managed to leapfrog who knows how many hirsute he-men, sitcom stars, X-Gamers, lion tamers, and cosmonauts to make the list everyone in the Waldbaum’s express line is waiting to read. We tip our hat (and toupee) to Tom yet again.

Sara Lee Food & Beverage Partners with Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio in Time for National Sandwich Day [Businesswire]

Tom Colicchio Named One of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ and Sandwich