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Wow, Chowhound is going crazy about the French Laundry up in Y-town. Check it out.

The only restaurant in the Bay Area to get three Michelin stars isn’t faring as well among the super-tough critics on the CH boards. People seem to be falling over themselves to leave ambivalent feedback about Thomas Keller’s flagship feedbag.

The common sentiment: The quality doesn’t feel as superior to other high-end restaurants as the price difference would suggest.

“Either this place really knows how to cook for the critics or it has slipped tremedouly and is now going on reputation alone,” writes one poster. Ouch!

Are Chowhounds just being cheap, uncultivated babies, or is Keller really taking everyone for a ride with his fancy-pants fare? Why don’t you jump in the fray?

What am I missing at the French Laundry? [Chowhound]

Threads Up!