The Weeklies Over Coffee

As we head out the door for this long weekend, here’s another stack of food articles from the weeklies for those of you grabbing one more cup of coffee before turning off the computer:

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

A rather sordid review of Sens by Chris Demento, who includes the phrase “doing it” in his lede. Yikes! Apparently it was dark in there. [Uplifting food makes up for gloomy decor]

Paul Reidinger gets all financial in his Without Reservations column [Land of milk and money]

And in Cheap Eats, L.E. Leone discovers barbecued ribs on apple pie, goes on a date and still doesn’t review a restaurant. [A certain way]

In the SF Weekly:

Robert Lauriston heads over to Z & Y Garden for a taste of Yunnan food, and discovers a cuisine that is extremely exotic, though apparently somewhat mediocre, from the sound of it. [Robert Lauriston Gets Yunnan Chinese Fix at Z & Y Garden]

We’re leaving early today, so we’ll wish you a happy Thanksgiving now and we’ll see you next week.

The Weeklies Over Coffee