The Hub Of The North

The other day, we were idly instant messaging with Adam P. of MP: Chicago (who is, incidentally, currently in Peru eating ceviche and maybe even cuy and we are so jealous we can just barely breathe). Anyways, somehow the subject of Starbucks came up and Adam P. wondered where the northernmost Starbucks in the world might be located. He speculated that it may, perhaps, be found in Thompson, Manitoba. Curious, we looked up Thompson on Wikipedia. Guess what? It turns out that Thompson is regularly referred to as “the Hub of the North.”

The Hub of the North! You don’t say! Although we are mighty fond of Canada, we always sort of forget that it gets way more Northern (and much colder) than Boston. We did some investigating into this Hub of the North and we learned a few fascinating facts:

•Thompson’s children attend school in the district of Mystery Lake, which sounds like something out of Scooby Doo.
•Thompson is much, much newer than our own Hub as it is a planned community founded in 1967.
•Most of Thompson’s restaurant scene seems to be comprised of chains, including a Boston Pizza.

We find this last fact to be the most intriguing. Despite the fact that Boston Pizza has nothing to do with Boston, we choose to see it as a link between the two Hubs. Hub of the North, we here in the Hub salute you!

Thompson, Manitoba [Wikipedia]

[Photo: inco]

The Hub Of The North