The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to another edition of The Chronicle Over Coffee, in which we peruse the food section of our city’s biggest daily.

Well, the Chronicle wasted no time in transitioning from Thanksgiving fever to General Holiday fever. Here’s a big feature on holiday party desserts, part of the Holiday Food Page. [Festive Finales]

The Inside Scoop brings news that Gary Danko’s new restaurant in Ghiradelli Square is a definite go. Apparently he’s signed papers on the property and is really stoked on selling food to locals and tourists alike. Heads up: he’s also looking for architects and investors. [Inside Scoop]

Carol Ness is working on making it even harder for you to choose your groceries, with an article examining the pros and cons of buying organic. [Food Conscious]

And the Taster’s Choice panel looks at ginger ale, that favorite mixer cum hangover aid. [Taster’s Choice]

The Chronicle Over Coffee