The Chronicle Over Coffee

As usual on Wednesdays, we’re taking a look at the Chron’s food section over the morning black stuff. Check back during the afternoon coffee break for a look at the weeklies.

Let’s see…

Okay, honestly, we were all set to make fun of the “Iron Chef”-style Thanksgiving dinner competition, but after a minute it had to be admitted that we’re just jealous we didn’t get to play. Not that we applied or anything, but this seems so fun. And there’s video and everything. [In it to win it]

The panelists over at Taster’s Choice did not enjoy their packaged stuffing, which was made outside any bird. Well, duh. [Taster’s Choice ]

Turns out a lack of local crab is making the product, which now has to be trucked in, really expensive. Again, duh. [Crab for Thanksgiving? Maybe, but it won’t be local]

It looks like you may want to plan ahead if you want to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. [What’s New]

And here’s an overview of the Fillmore Farmers’ Market highlights. [What’s New]

The Chronicle Over Coffee