The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Ha, if we play our cards right today, every post might be in the category, “Drinks Menu.” It is Friday, after all. In keeping with our “over coffee” theme for restaurant reviews, we’ll be digesting the Chron’s Friday wine section over cocktails. What time is it, 11 a.m.? Well, just move the yard-arm over a bit, there we are…

Here’s a pretty danged useful resource: A list of child-friendly wineries, with coloring books, toys and so on. [Not Your Parents’ Tasting Room]

In keeping with the trend toward the classic among higher-end bars, Camper English takes a look at sought-after cocktail guides of yore. [Bartenders Shake and Stir Their Way Through Cocktail History]

And for the cheese course, we have a local raw-milk Fleur de la Terre. [From Mt. Tam to Indiana]

Now, if we could just find a pre-noon happy hour…

The Chronicle Over Cocktails