The Blender

Another regular Wednesday feature: The Blender. This is where we repost the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s list of “what we’re eatin’” because a) it’s always enlightening and b) we have a professional crush on Paul Reidinger.

Here you go:

(1) Espadana Verdejo Rueda 2006 and Greek salad, Parea Wine Bar

(2) Moqueca de camaroa with farofa

(3) Niçois sandwich, the Butler and the Chef Bistro

(4) Chile poblano de manzana and pescado tikin xic, Zazil

(5) Oven-roasted hen with roasted squash and baby arugula salad, Enrico’s

And, as always, stay tuned for a coffee-time roundup of the weeklies.


The Blender