Thanksgiving Treats

Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away and if you’re the sort of person who likes to eat your Turkey Day dinner in a restaurant, it’s probably a good time to make some reservations. Personally, we’ll be continuing our annual tradition of getting slowly drunk off wine and eating too much pie in the privacy of our own (okay, our mom’s) home, but we can see the wisdom in going out: no cooking, no dishes, and no one can make too much of a scene in public. Below, five of the Hub’s best Thanksgiving options.

UpStairs on the Square’s Thanksgiving meal appeals tremendously to us for two main reasons. First, they charge half-price for kids, which is just good common sense that, mysteriously, no one else seems to have. More importantly, however, their menu offers options besides turkey for main courses! We hate turkey (ugh, so dry), so we would love to be able to have, say, a grilled Delmonico steak with olive oil crushed potatoes and red wine shallots instead.
Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse is offering quite the Thanksgiving deal: $25 gets you turkey with all the fixings (including butternut squash!), with plenty of second helpings. Since most entrees at Abe & Louie’s cost well more than $25, this seems like a pretty sweet deal.
Sel De La Terre is offering a luxe dinner for $58 per person. Dishes like pheasant and foie gras pate with fig confiture, velvet mustard and toasted brioche may not be just like Mom used to make, but isn’t that sort of the point?
•Thanksgiving is not, traditionally, the easiest of holidays for vegetarians. Show a little love to your herbivore relatives with dinner at L’Espalier where Frank McClelland has created a spectacular meat-free feast. Omnivores need not fear, as there is also a menu available for meat-lovers.
•If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of dragging the family to a restaurant but don’t really feel like cooking either, The Fireplace has an ingenious solution for you. Their Thanksgiving-to-Go menu allows you to pre-order everything you need ahead of time and have the feast at your own house. Clever!

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Thanksgiving Treats