Surrendering To The Sun-Times: High-Low Edition

Today’s Sun-Times food section is high-low. On the high side, we get Pat Bruno sniffing for truffles ($3k a pound, at the moment) in the Piedmont. Pat cannot bring himself to actually describe the taste of white truffle, so you’ll have to spend a few hundred bucks at one of Chicago’s finer dining destinations to find out for yourself.

So that’s high-priced, and there’s also a high-concept article, on underground dining in Chicago by Chuck Sudo. It is a good rundown for the uninformed, which is still non-foodies.

Charity and good works, that counts as high, right? Dave Hoekstra has a piece on Heaven on Seven-lead Katrina benefit, and Janet Fuller’s on top of a story about local homeless kids baking and selling cookies.

Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for: the low. Eh, it’s not so low: breakfast burritos at McDonald’s, fajita kits at Sam’s Club, and a mac-n-cheese contest. We’ve seen worse, frankly.

Oh yes, and a big fat medium to Lisa Donovan and her chestnuts. Although they’re kind of expensive. Upper medium, then.

[Photo: a ~$400 white truffle. Impressed yet? (Bruce_Lee/flickr]


Surrendering To The Sun-Times: High-Low Edition