Stylizing The Sun-Times: ‘Just Fit A Beater Or Whisk Into The Chuck And Hit The Trigger’

That amazing sentence comes from this week’s thoroughly entertaining lead article on shopping for your kitchen at the hardware store. Leah Zeldes walks us through the aisles, picking up a flowerpot here for roasting a chicken, a blowtorch there for hardening creme brulee, and maybe a hacksaw for those pesky hambones. Whereas we’re just wistful about Alton Brown’s DIY cooking equipment, Ms. Zeldes actually went out and did it, and wrote about it in an accessible fashion. The piece is fresh, and refreshingly indie. Good job!

We also really like Lydia Marchuk’s piece on macarons, the French version of our cakey, coconuty macaroons. À Paris, one makes macarons with two disks of meringue cookie, usually sandwiching a cream or chocolate filling. Different, yes, but still Kosher for Passover and still delicious. Ms. Marchuk lists a few places where these confections are available in Chicago, and the article has some cute CDG airport-related anecdotes.

Actually, all the articles this week are great (we’re feeling charitable?). Sandy Thorn Clark writes about this sort of brilliant business model where a dessert chef comes to your house party, teaches you and your guests how to bake something, and then does all the cleaning. Lisa Donovan has the scoop on Zapiekanka, an admittedly ghetto pizza knockoff that originated in Poland; at Wally’s International Market in Avondale, $2.99 buys you “nearly a foot of rye dough topped with cheese, sliced ham, sliced carrots, mushrooms and hot peppers,” and - get this - it’s topped with ketchup. Woof!

And finally, an un-bylined article informs us that the next few weeks will be wall-to-wall Thanksgiving, and also, a frozen 25 pound turkey can take an entire week to thaw. That’s almost frightening!

Our theory on why this week’s section is so good? All women. Definitely it.

[Photo: des macarons chocolats. Yeah, you want that. bonoboadurham/flickr]


Stylizing The Sun-Times: ‘Just Fit A Beater Or Whisk Into The Chuck And Hit The