Spike Jonze Anoints Bacaro With Celebrity Cred

Spike Jonze not pictured.
Spike Jonze not pictured.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

On Monday we hit one of Bacaro’s bacchanalian opening parties and suggested a Halloween visit to preview the spooky (and soon-to-be-sceney) basement. Eater, in telling folks that the place wouldn’t open till Thursday, scared off the riffraff and we had no problem strolling in (again, no doorman or publicist or list, just word from a staffer that bubbly was on the house all night) and immediately tucking in to gratis plates of cuttlefish risotto, gnocchi, marinated sardines, spaghetti alle vongole, meatballs, and so on.

As the waiter brought us yet another heaping plate of calamari (Hall PR, you could learn from this horn-o’-plenty approach), we couldn’t help but wonder why Eater would dissuade its readers from “braving” the Lower East Side for this. Things seemed pretty chill, after all — Spike Jonze was hanging with some friends, embracing his boy Peter Dinklage after taking his picture. If you do feel like hitting the place as a paying customer, the number is 212-941-5060.

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Spike Jonze Anoints Bacaro With Celebrity Cred