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Riding the V Line: Guinea Pig on Roosevelt Avenue

We’re riding the B and V from Coney Island all the way to Forest Hills, jumping off frequently to rave about our favorite restaurants along the way.

Roosevelt Avenue’s riches are almost impossible to exhaust: It’s a glorious land of tacos, papusas, Colombian hamburgers, Himalayan soups, late-night arepas, and fried chicken. But the last time we looked, there was only one place on “Rosey” to get guinea pig. And that’s Hornado Ecuatoriano.

And Hornado Ecuadoriano’s is even more ratlike!haha

The restaurant doesn’t advertise itself as a cuy (guinea pig) mecca, assuming, rightly, that Americans are not overly fond of guinea pig. Plus it isn’t as if the restaurant, which is dark and stark, advertises itself as much of anything, despite having some of the best roast pork (the hornado of the name) in Queens. But when you have the urge for the delicate gameyness and tender flesh of guinea pig, call Hornado Ecuatoriano. Though the cuy is sometimes a special, generally you must order three days in advance. The taste is a 50-50 blend of pork and chicken and is a beloved dish in South America. Are they better than the superb tacos al pastor to be had across the street? Maybe not. But this being Roosevelt Avenue, the capital of multiethnic Queens gluttony, you can have that too. And then get back on the V for the long road back.

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Riding the V Line: Guinea Pig on Roosevelt Avenue