Purse Burglar Snatches Some Prison Time

Maybe you remember that woman who was arrested for theft last May after police found hundreds of stolen credit cards and thousands of dollars worth of hot merchandise at her house? She was preying mostly on diners in high-end restaurants.

We remember the story well because we wrote it. But that’s beside the point.

The latest on that case, as the District Attorney’s office reported last month, is that Charity Owens, 27, pleaded guilty in September to one count of being in possession of the identifications of more than 10 people, and three counts of grand theft. From the DA’s press release:

According to court documents, defendant Owens was charged with stealing customers’ purses or wallets by entering different businesses, mostly restaurants or bars in San Francisco such as the Elite Restaurant, the Bar Tartine, the Koh Samui and the MonkeyCafé Museo.

On Oct. 17, the DA reported, judge Harold Kahn sentenced Owens to four years in state prison and ordered her to pay restitution of more than $8,000 to victims.

Defendant who Stole IDs by Snatching Purses and Wallets Sentenced to Four Years State Prison
[Text of DA press release]
Alleged S.F. purse thieves arrested

Purse Burglar Snatches Some Prison Time