The Weeklies Over Coffee

The San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger gets deja-vu on a visit to the new Bistro 9, which apparently looks and feels a lot like its neighbor Park Chow. He clears up the confusion, however, with a sharp Star-Trek reference and a convoluted sub-head. Nice. [A wealth of possible combinations and sophisticated treatments]

L.E. Leone still hasn’t gone back to eating at restaurants, but this column on bacon-fat applesauce is pretty funny. [Praise the lard]

And Amber Peckham did not live happily ever after lunch at Trattoria Pinocchio [A less-than-fairytale meal]

SF Weekly:

Meredith Brody visited Puccini and Pinetti and joined the ranks of local weekly food reviewers un-thrilled by Italian restaurants in touristy parts of town. [Puccini and Pinetti’s Touristy Location Trumps Its Cuisine]

The Weeklies Over Coffee