Philly’s Best Turkey Sandwiches

Philadelphia has done a roundup of the best turkey sandwiches in the 215 (and the 610). Their picks?

Hymie’s Merion Deli: The Bala Cynwyd Jewish deli institution serves up a “Schlemiel” - roast turkey breast, cole slaw and Russian dressing on rye. It also weighs, in our estimation, about 2 lbs.

Lucky Strike: They might be a bowling alley in downtown Philly but they also serve a club sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo… and avocado and a sunny-side up egg. Mmm… heart attack on toast…

Dutch Eating Place: Philadelphia broke the rules and nominated the Reading Terminal lunch counter’s turkey platter. But who cares? It’s probably one of the best $8 meals in the city.

In Search Of… Turkey Sandwiches [Philadelphia]


Philly’s Best Turkey Sandwiches