Peter Berley Out at Broadway East

Former Broadway East Chef Peter Berley
Former Broadway East Chef Peter Berleyhaha Photo:

Former Angelica Kitchen chef Peter Berley is out and Lee Gross, formerly of L.A.’s M Cafe de Chaya, is in at Broadway East. What could have occasioned this garden transplant, so close to the opening of the place? Bullfrog and Baum’s Helen Baldus tells us that it was “just not a good match” and that the sides parted amicably. Or did Berley talk himself out of a job in a recent telling Time Out interview?

“For me, vegetarianism is very adolescent and very sentimental. What’s the word when you project onto an animal human traits? Anthropomorphize. A lot of people anthropomorphize animals — ‘They have the same feelings that we have’ — but they don’t.” Judging from the vituperative comments Berley inspired, it’s no surprise he got the mitten. At least, that’s how it seems to our own adolescent, sentimental mind.

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Peter Berley Out at Broadway East