Cold War: Yolato Now, Red Mango in December, and MySpace Forever

When we mentioned that a new Yolato store is opening today, we wondered when exactly the Red Mango would open across from Pinkberry on Bleecker Street. Now a rep tells us it probably won’t be till mid-December, with stores to follow in Chelsea (63 W. 14th St.), the theater district (723 Eighth Ave.) and Flushing (136-53 Roosevelt Ave).

[Ed: Disclaimer — what follows is where we start to lose it a little bit.]

Craving more info (and okay, having a little too much time on our hands), we turned to Red Mango’s MySpace page (you’re not a cool fro-yo if you don’t have a page). It’s funny what you do during those last hours of the workday, right? Anyhow, we were damn impressed to see that the fro-yo brand is BFFs with Perez Hilton and HIS MAJESTY LEONARDO DICAPRIO (and yes, we are totally and completely 100 percent sure it really is Leo), who once requested a machine for his home. But what’s this?? By the looks of Pinkberry’s MySpace page (where you can hear that jingle we do so love), Perez is two-timing Red Mango — he’s also a Pinkberry top friend! This is all the more upsetting since the brands are running neck and neck in popularity, with Pinkberry clocking in at 913 friends and Red Mango close behind with 836. This is no time for Swiss neutrality, people — the line has been drawn, and you need to pick a side. We’re not going to make any official endorsements, but we will note that the girls on The Hills sure do love their ‘Berry. For what it’s worth.

Pinkberry [MySpace]
Red Mango [MySpace]
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Cold War: Yolato Now, Red Mango in December, and MySpace Forever