One Tin (Foil) Soldier

This is not really breaking news or anything, but we thought we’d give it a mention, as nothing has surfaced in Burritoeater or Burritophile, the go-to burrito sites around these parts: A Chicago (yes, Chicago) burrito blogger (and baseball stats geek) has developed what he calls the Burrito Bracket, a system for rating about 20 Chicago taquerias.

Now, you’ve surely seen Burritoeater’s Slab Scrum, which pits eight of San Francisco’s finest in a tournament-type competition for mustache ratings. The Burrito Bracket is sort of like that, but way more about the tourney stats and less about the individual subtleties of each restaurant.

But it’s hard to say how accurate the Burrito Bracket could possibly be, as we’ve never been to Chicago and have never tasted what Chicagoans call a “burrito.” If it’s anything like a New York burrito, one might as well forget the whole thing and order a pizza.

Regardless of how accurate the criticism or how tasty the fare, however, the Burrito Bracket delivers a level of structure to taqueria rankings that far surpasses the wide-ranging Burritophile or hyper-specific Burritoeater. Not that these guys need to change, but it’s interesting to compare notes. Surely, a competition like this would come in second only to a Bay Bridge Series in terms of local buzz, but it would be a hell of a lot more work.

The Burrito Bracket

One Tin (Foil) Soldier