Oi Waitrose, What The Bloody Hell?

English supermarket chain recently came out with a list of the 100 greatest moments in food history that included a list of “the ten least glorious moments in food history.” And you know what the bastards did? They listed the invention of the cheesesteak as the second worst moment in food history:

1933 - In Philadelphia, Pat Olivieri invents the Cheesesteak – sliced steak fried with onions and cheese spread. Philadelphia is later named the most obese city in America.

Waitrose, you’re a UK chain. You come from the country responsible for:

Sausage rolls
Doner kebab pizza
Spotted dick
Chip buttys
Scotch eggs
Deep fried Mars bars

So don’t even try to pull the disgusting food card with us, alright? Besides, everyone knows the only proper way to eat a cheesesteak is with provolone, not cheez wiz (or “cheese spread” as you oh-so-elegantly put it).

Greatest moments in food history [Waitrose]


Oi Waitrose, What The Bloody Hell?