‘Next Iron Chef’ Conspiracy; Keller Snubbed by Michelin

Judges Andrew Knowlton and Donatella Arpaia think John Besh obliterated Michael Symon in the Next Iron Chef finale and that he deserved the title; the latter even accused Ruhlman of casting his “swing” vote for Symon because the chef is his Cleveland comrade. [Ruhlman]

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon has been snubbed by the new Las Vegas Michelin Guide with a whopping zero stars, while Robuchon scored three. [Bloomberg]
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The owners of the twenty-year-old Italian joint restaurant Baraonda were told they lost their lease, so they took over a new space only to find out they could keep the old one. What to do? Plan a second restaurant. [NYP]

The New Oxford American Dictionary has declared “locavore” its new word of the year, just beating out the saucy noun “cougar” and the verb “tase.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

A 44-pound hunk of English Cheddar that matures for a live Webcam at has attracted over one and a half million hits and is now up for auction on eBay just in time for Christmas. [NYP]

The Belgian fries hole-in-the wall on Avenue A near 7th Street is known as Ray’s and makes egg creams in a variety of flavors, but this shout-out forgot to mention that the grimy storefront also makes massive frozen-yogurt hot-fudge sundaes for around two bucks. Underground fro-yo competition, oh yes! [Lost City]

‘Next Iron Chef’ Conspiracy; Keller Snubbed by Michelin