New WTTW Chicago Food Documentary Coming 11/27

Ready for some exciting TV-related news? No, it’s not an update on the writers strike. Instead, WTTW has been working on a documentary entitled “Foods of Chicago” (subtitled “A Delicious History”) all summer, and it’s getting read to drop in a mere fifteen days! The program includes historical trivia, food factory tours, visits to restaurants, and a whole lot of boosterism. Things you might learn include why Jay’s Potato Chips exist, where the jibarito comes from, and that the cafeteria was invented in Chicago (really?)

Anyway, it sounds like they’ve put a lot of work into this. Maybe we’ll even have some inside secrets on the show later in the week! Or maybe not!

Foods of Chicago [WTTW]

[Photo: the same. They look upbeat, don’t they?]


New WTTW Chicago Food Documentary Coming 11/27