Nello Pissed at Model for Taking His Umbrella; Winner of ‘Next Iron Chef’

Oh, Nello! Fiesty Mr. Balan is in his latest rage because he lent a model his $1,000 leather umbrella “because it was raining because I am a gentleman … Stop behaving like a boulevardier [street person] and a petite voleuse [petty thief]. You don’t give me the umbrella, I sue you,” which he is now doing because she returned it broken in two. [NYP]
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The newest Iron Chef is … Cleveland’s Michael Symon. [Serious Eats]

Laurent Tourondel tells Bruni he enjoys dining most in Vietnam, but the influence in the recipes for his Thanksgiving spread is all French. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

In addition to our guide to full-service caterers for Thanksgiving, here are a few extra suggestions for finding seasonal breads and sweets for the hostess. [Restaurant Girl]

The owners of now-closed Havana Chelsea are peeved at the people behind Casa Havana for trying to give the impression that the two restaurants are related, but don’t fret if you miss the original: “Please be patient in the situation that the original Havana Chelsea will open soon and in a brand new location.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

The classic and New American restaurants of Williamsburg, including Dressler, Fette Sau, and Peter Luger, are fitting dining options for Veteran’s Day. [NYT]

A 28-year-old man was found dead from a possible drug overdose in the bathroom of the Knitting Factory. [NYP]

Nello Pissed at Model for Taking His Umbrella; Winner of ‘Next Iron