Mint Plaza to Open, Residents Hungry.

Okay, tomorrow’s the big day, everybody. That’s when the Mint Plaza opens, with speakers (including the Gav-ster) and food and all sorts of reasons for city employees to take a few hours off.

The project is pretty notable in that it used money from a developer to turn a San Francisco street into a pedestrian walkway. The idea is that the city benefits by gaining a newly developed public space, and the developer benefits by owning much of the property on that street. Hmmm…

We’ve been waiting around to hear what’s eventually going to happen with the restaurant space in the development, and at this point it seems like nothing. The Chron reported that the proprietors of Limon are vying for a spot in the new mall-ette, but that the previously planned Sushi Groove may still get the green light.

But at opening time tomorrow (10 a.m.) the only food on the premises will be supplied by outside entities, including Blue Bottle coffee, ’Wichcraft pastries and Chez Papa (but not that Chez Papa) ors d’oevres. At least Blue Bottle and Chez Papa have eyes for retail space in the plaza. We don’t know about ‘Wichcraft, which has a store in the nearby Westfield Center, but we’ll let you know.

Splashy opening set for S.F.’s Mint Plaza
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Mint Plaza to Open, Residents Hungry.