Meyer and Batali Face Off; Gordo’s Advice on the Closer

Meyer, Batali, Nieporent, and others compete to see who’ll serve VIPs at the new Jets/Giants stadium. Interesting! And how does this affect Meyer’s rumored plans to take Shea Stadium by ShackStorm? [NYP]

Gordo’s first-date fail-safe: Take your girl to Ducasse’s place in Monaco, then tell her what you really want is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Wow — the guy’s like something straight out of The Pick-Up Artist! [Forbes]

Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, in town to promote his book, says his feelings are hurt from being slagged by Bourdain: “You rate someone [like Mr. Bourdain] and then they think you’re a bit of a pussy. It’s not very inspiring.” [Globe and Mail]

CBS morning news catches on to the dessert craze — which apparently reaches as far as Missouri. [Columbia Missourian]

Despite that shiny new store on West Broadway and Houston (which is their, oh, five-billionth), Starbucks’s customer traffic drops off for the first time. [Portfolio]

Danny Abrams and others offer advice on opening a restaurant: First off, be prepared to bleed money. [Forbes]

Meyer and Batali Face Off; Gordo’s Advice on the Closer