Making a (Ginger) House a (Ginger) Home

As a framing carpenter-turned-journalist-turned-foodie, a news item on the gingerbread Whitehouse caught our imagination in a big way. This year might just be the year we break out the graham crackers, the tiny little compound miter saw and the food-grade construction adhesive and get to work on an edible domicile of our own.

If you’re interested in doing the same, Zagat ran a list of local gingerbread house workshops and competitions the other day. Most are geared toward children, it seems, but they don’t specifically prohibit adults. They also appear to use actual gingerbread, instead of the pre-fab grahams we learned on.

For inspiration, check out the ongoing work on a “ginger-barn” over at 7x7, as documented in their Bits and Bites blog.

And remember, measure twice, eat once.

Build a House, Then Eat It [Zagat]
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Making a (Ginger) House a (Ginger) Home