Los Dados Fudges Things on Its Takeout Menu

Better than Ezra, maybe.
Better than Ezra, maybe.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

We’re used to seeing misleading pull quotes on movie posters and book jackets, but takeout menus? Los Dados has plastered the paper menus of its recently opened taqueria with quotes from Thrillist, UrbanDaddy, DailyCandy, Andrea Strong, and others not exactly known for applying a critical eye. Front and center is a line from a Daily News piece: “TACO NIGHT IS NOW EVEN BETTER.” Riiight.

Actually, the full line from the article (which is a trend piece mentioning Los Dados, not a proper review) is “Taco night is now even better. Over the past decade, low-key taquerias arrived with the $2 real deal.” Of course, Los Dados (which charges four times that for its tacos) isn’t one of those taquerias — as has been noted by none other than the Daily News in its actual review of the place, which goes something like: “This is Meatpacking Mexican, overpriced plates in designer sizes.” Oops, must’ve forgotten to excerpt that one!

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Los Dados Fudges Things on Its Takeout Menu