Let Gordon Ramsey Solve Your Problems

The excellent Honor over at Boston Chefs pointed us toward this fantastic Craisglist post. It seems that one Mr. Gordon Ramsay is looking to profile a Boston restaurant for the American version of his show Kitchen Nightmares. As we’ve mentioned before, we really really hate Hell’s Kitchen Ramsay’s other American show. We’ve never caught the US version of Kitchen Nightmares (probably because it airs at the same time as Gossip Girl…yeah, we said it), but we’re more than a little obsessed with watching the British original on BBC America. We like the show, because, unlike on Hell’s Kitchen where he’s just a jerk, Ramsay’s purpose on Kitchen Nightmares is to help people and restaurants in trouble. Sure, he swears a lot, but it’s totally tough love.

If you’re a restaurateur thinking of participating, you can send an email (to an AOL address, really?) with the issues you’d like Chef Ramsay to address…anything from overly high food costs to a bad location. If you get cast, please do send us and tell all.

There was a very short-lived thread on Chowhound, but sadly, a discussion of failing Hub restaurants proved to be too hot for the site and it was taken down. It’s tricky to think of places that fit the criteria: subpar performance, hurting for customers, and open at least seven months. If business is that bad, restaurants usually shutter by that time. We promise not to shut down any suggestions in the comments, so do post away.

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Let Gordon Ramsey Solve Your Problems