Le McRib Est Arrivé, Déjà Préparé

Scanning LTHForum this afternoon, we noticed a thread on the infamous McRib sandwich. (By the way, if you go to the website, you won’t find anything about the sandwich or where it’s available.) LTHer Phil notes that the sandwich is coming to certain South and Southwest Side McD’s this week, and aschie30 adds that it will also be available at Clark and Lake.

Well, as you can imagine, LTH has some strong partisans on either side of the McRib debate, but don’t think they lack a sense of humor! User Santander conjured up a fake Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award, with fonts and everything! So instead of copy-pasting and ruining the format, here’s a screenshot:

HAHA! Later, user midas wrote, “OK, I have to admit, this was the funniest thing I’ve read today. Nobody else at work thought it was funny. I must be sick.” No, midas, you’re not wrong; everyone else at work is just stupid.

Afterwards, we went to Fast Food Facts, which deconstructed a McRib sandwich maybe a year ago. This is what happens if you clean off the meat portion of the McRib and turn it upside-down:

Enjoy your symptom!

McFib sandwich [LTHForum]

McRib [McDonald’s]

Deconstructing McRib [Fast Food Facts]

[Photos: Santander, writing in LTH and Fast Food Facts, respectively]

Le McRib Est Arrivé, Déjà Préparé