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Johnny Iuzzini’s Plea: Elect Me Sexiest Chef!

Johnny Z:
Johnny Z: “Chocolate is my ace in the hole.”haha Photo: Patrick McMullan

We were still trying to make up our mind whether the Daily News’ “New York’s Sexiest Chef” contest was for real or not, when we got an e-mail blast from nominee Johnny Iuzzini, last seen wearing a meringue body stocking on his stylish Website. It read: “Check out todays ny daily news- get a hard copy. Register to see all the chefs and pics and vote!!!!”

Knowing Johnny Z’s disdain for such cheesiness and given the fact that behind his meringue and tattoos he’s one of the top pastry chefs in the world, we can’t figure out where he’s coming from. But then maybe the urge to join Tom Colicchio as one of the sexiest men alive has put him, temporarily, into Jason Neroni mode. Forget about that stuff, Johnny! Stick to your puddings. That’s where the true glory lies.

Vote For New York’s Sexiest Chef [NYDN]

Johnny Iuzzini’s Plea: Elect Me Sexiest Chef!