John Mayer’s Diet Comes With a Side of Irony

What's he eating? Can we get a closer look?
What’s he eating? Can we get a closer look?haha Photo: Getty Images

Pop crooner John Mayer has just started a mlog (meal log) on his blog, and he’s photographing everything he eats with the fervor of a Japanese izakaya denizen. Given that his snapshots are of things like, say, waffles, we don’t think he’s taking this seriously (though Endless Simmer is taking the endeavor seriously enough to call Mayer “the douchiest food blogger ever”). Rather, his spiel about the project smacks of playful sarcasm:

Americans are celebrity obsessed, and that obsession shows no signs of stopping … I’ve decided to make the most personal facet of my life public. My meals.

Actually, we like how he’s thinking! Maybe he’d be interested in sharing all the sweet and savory details with us for our New York Diet feature? Granted, we didn’t copyright the idea the same way Mayer copyrighted and watermarked his onion-rings photo (“I want to be able to thoughtfully control my image. Of my food”), but we’d like to think that we’re a decent go-to for any celebrities wishing to confess their culinary sins.

But one thing, J-May: Your meals aren’t the “most personal facet” of your life. If you’re going to document that, you’re going to have to start writing some sex diaries for us.

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John Mayer’s Diet Comes With a Side of Irony