Jack Canal, RIP

The South Jersey liquor baron who stuck it to Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board has died. Jack Canal, the owner of Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Canal’s Discount Liquor Mart has died at age 66 of lung cancer:

Pennsylvanians, offered limited choices with stiffer price tags at state-run liquor stores, flocked to his stores. “For many Philadelphians, there were only two reasons to cross the bridge. The first was to go to the Shore. The second was to buy wine,” said Deborah Scoblionkov, The Inquirer’s former wine critic. “At Canal’s, you could sometimes save 50 percent on a bottle of wine and hundreds of dollars on a case compared to the Pennsylvania stores,” Scoblionkov said. Until he became ill, Mr. Canal worked up to 80 hours a week at the chain’s flagship store in his native Pennsauken, said manager Gary Brady.
“He was a hands-on owner and, no pun intended, a real jack of all trades,” Brady said. “He stocked shelves, did the buying - he even did the plumbing.”

Mr. Canal: For helping us buy wine that didn’t have an insane mark-up, we salute you.

Jack Canal, 66 [Inquirer]

Correction: Jack was the owner of Canal’s Discount Liquor Mart, not Joe Canal’s. We regret the error.

Jack Canal, RIP