It’s Uno Chicago Grill, Dammit

Just don’t call it Pizzeria Uno…

The writers of the Chain Gang column in the Daily News articulate our feelings about Uno Chicago Grill (nee Pizzeria Uno) damn near perfectly:

The Chain Gang never really noticed when Pizzeria Uno changed its name to Uno Chicago Grill, but it probably happened when the deep dish pizza maker added about 1,000 items to its menu, turning it into something like Pizzeria Bennigan’s.

The service? It’s clunky. The food? The pizza is fine, the deep-fried appetizers are better and the main dishes are just alright. But don’t go there if you have allergies:

One note about servers (and the Gang has noticed this throughout our travels): With so many people affected by nut and seafood allergies, servers need to know what’s in their food.

A simple question about nuts in the apple crisp came back with a “yes,” then a “no,” then a “maybe,” then a “yes.” It seems to the Chain Gang that every restaurant in the country should have a laminated list on the wall at the door of the kitchen: These Foods have Nuts! These Foods Have Seafood!

It’s one thing to die eating rare sushi. It’s another to keel over due to chain restaurant cobbler topping.

The sweet, sweet world of suburban chain restaurants with employee retainment issues and low pay. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…

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[Image via Daily News]


It’s Uno Chicago Grill, Dammit