Introducing The Lynch Star

Yesterday’s Globe featured an utterly fascinating story on Barbara Lynch’s forthcoming Fort Point mega-complex buried deep within the Business section. The complex, which we’ve mentioned before, is truly astounding in its scale: 15,000 square feet comprising a high-end fine dining restaurant, a bar, a more casual cafe, private dining rooms, and a retail shop selling baked goods and chocolate. Richard M. Griffin, VP of the development firm backing the project, refers to the complex “the Starship Enterprise”, but we prefer to think of it as The Lynch Star. The depth of Lynch’s preparations is spectacular. The complex will be located under the new FP3 condominiums and construction needs forced Lynch to commit to her equipment and its layout well before opening. Although the complex won’t be open until spring, the kitchen has been fully designed.

The Globe piece offers little else in the way of tantalizing details (the menu for the fine dining restaurant will have prix fixes that cost “over $20 and under $200”, which, you know, quelle surprise.), but does go on about the complex’s spacious kitchens, in which food will be assembled brigade rather than banquet style. Lynch’s plans for the kitchen make it sound quite a bit like Thomas Keller’s kitchens at Per Se and The French Laundry.

While we’re incredibly excited for The Lynch Star’s opening, we are a little bit concerned that Lynch could be spreading herself a bit thin. In addition to the complex’s many offerings, she’ll still have No. 9 Park, The Butcher Shop, B&G; Oysters, Niche Catour, Plum Produce, and Stir on her plate. This seems like an awful lot, even for someone with the vast reserves of energy of Lynch.

What do you think? Will The Lynch Star be the best thing to happen to Boston dining since lobster or a blow to the burgeoning Lynch empire? As always, we welcome your thoughts.

It’s All In The Preparation [Boston Globe]

[Photo: No. 9 Park]

Introducing The Lynch Star