Hot Menu Analysis: Primehouse Cleans Up

We’re sure you’ve noticed, at the bottom of the MenuPages Chicago homepage, the “Hot Menu” listings. These are the most-clicked restaurants for the previous day, categorized by area. So let’s take a look, why not?

Unsurprisingly, the single most-clicked on restaurant, on any given day, is usually downtown. Yesterday, by a long shot, the winner was David Burke’s Primehouse, with 95 hits. By comparison, the next most popular restaurant got 36 hits - a tie, in fact, between Wildfire and TABLE fifty-two. What accounts for the primacy of Primehouse? We checked around and it doesn’t seem like any reviews have been written on it recently, so it was probably the subject of an evite or something of that nature. But also, steak restaurants are really popular on MenuPages, and Primehouse is among the hottest around at the moment, so it’s not a shocker.

On the North Side, The Art of Pizza came in first with 42 hits, sailing over Yes Thai with 25. That’s pretty impressive for a pizza place that’s slightly below most peoples’ radars. Most of the top 10 on the North Side yesterday was composed of take-out places, as people continue to recover from Thanksgiving.

The Northwest Side winner is Friendship Chinese Restaurant in Logan Square, with 18 hits. But Hot Chocolate was nipping right on its heels with 15. These restaurants are rather far from each other on the dining spectrum!

Over on the West Side, Sepia retained its status as belle of the ball with 63 hits, topping the more utilitarian Butterfly, with 51. One dreams of the former, but ultimately orders delivery from the latter.

The South Side had a good showing yesterday, with 39 people clicking on Medici in Hyde Park and 37 on Wings Around the World in Bronzeville. Ah, impressionable college students. When will they learn? Probably never!

Finally, the top spot on the Southwest Side is a tie between two pizza places: Falco’s in Brighton Park and Angie’s Pizza in Ashburn, each coming in with a solid 11. We’re not here to judge, but Honky Tonk Barbeque only got 8 hits. Ouch!

Hey, that was fun! This might even become a regular feature (cue scary music).


Hot Menu Analysis: Primehouse Cleans Up