Gridskipper Rates Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks

Our friends at Gridskipper recently drove down to Philadelphia to eat a hell of a lot of cheesesteaks. Their take on the city’s icons:

Tony Luke’s: “With its drab gray exterior and location beneath an I-95 overpass, Tony Luke’s resembles an ironclad urban military bunker fending off South Philly intruders with massive cheesesteaks.”

Pat’s King of Steaks: “Posted ordering instructions acclimate… tourists to the regional lingo – “Wiz wit” = Cheez Whiz and onion – while expert grillsmiths serve Pat’s steak chopped to perfection.”

Jim’s Steaks: “The service is harsh at Jim’s South Street location – so much so that I witnessed an elderly man get berated for not ordering fast enough. But make it through the line unscathed, and you’ll feast on one of the… finest chopped-style cheesesteaks in the city.”

Geno’s Steaks: “The cheesesteaks are choice, but owner Joey Vento’s… in-your-face right-wing patriotism (the speakers blare the Star Spangled Banner) and highly publicized views on immigration (his strict “English Only” ordering policy is a point of political and moral contention in Philadelphia) can be as unappetizing as huffing an economy sized can of Whiz.”

Sonny’s Famous Steaks: “Sonny’s is slightly more polished than the average Philly steak shop. The storefront’s devoid of neon, the service is friendly, and the bathrooms are clean.”

John’s Roast Pork: “Famous for their signature roast pork sandwich and generously portioned cheesesteaks, John’s has been feeding Philadelphia’s dock workers since 1930. More recently, this take-out lunch counter has caught on with… the masses thanks to well-seasoned meat and perfectly crusty rolls from the Carangi Baking Company.”

• Chubby’s Steaks: “Families fill the booths and locals line the bar at this minute cheesesteak shop in Roxborough.”

Campo’s Deli: “With its thinly sliced ribeye, freshly baked Sarcone’s bread, and carved wooden hoagie sign, Campo’s is a touch classier than your typical neon-lit cheesesteakerie.”

Rick’s Steaks: “Compared with the rest of this list, Rick’s isn’t all that impressive. Their meat is fatty and a tad gristly, and – at least on my visit – the cooks were way overzealous with the Whiz.”

Vesuvio: “Despite what the Today show says, Vesuvio’s Cheesesteak BLT is not the best sandwich in America. But the combination of sliced filet mignon, carmelized… onions, provolone, and jalapeño aioli on ciabatta is decent – in a TGI Friday’s kind of way.”

A New Yorker vs. Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks [Gridskipper]

Gridskipper Rates Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks