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Gordon Ramsay Will Attempt to Feed the Spice Girls

Screamy Spice?
Screamy Spice?haha

We can’t quite articulate why we’re so drawn to British pop culture. Is it the mind-boggling inanity of its principals, folks like the Spice Girls, Benny Hill, the entire Big Brother crew, that keeps us coming back for more? Or is this more about our fascination with the macabre, with these dark, strange things that won’t go away? We’re looking at you, Gordon Ramsay.

It’s come to our attention that Gordo will be creating “special menus” for the Spice Girls’ forthcoming world tour. Gordon Ramsay — the guy who, according to the Brit tabloids, agreed to look after Posh Spice’s pet lambs, and then immediately told the press that he planned to kill and serve them (this was possibly the only instance in which we’ve ever felt any personal warmth for the man). You’d think after that baby-sheep-killing business, the Spices would know better. Of course, since the Spice Girls probably don’t actually eat anything but Mentos, and both parties are no doubt looking for some cheap press, it’s all for the best. We’ve one request, however: Is there any chance that Ramsay could just get it over with and become a Spice Girl himself? He’s already got the hair and flair, after all. And any thoughts on what sort of Spice he’d be? We’re sure he’s open to suggestions.

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Gordon Ramsay Will Attempt to Feed the Spice Girls